4 stress-free tips for Glasgow Airport business travellers

blog image John Doe | 03/31/2019


Glasgow’s Scotland’s second-busiest airport, and with regular flights to enterprising hotspots like London, Belfast, New York and Paris, it’s the perfect launchpad for a business trip.

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And although too many corporate travel jaunts are a pain in the posterior, the occasional junket to a nice destination can be enjoyable — you’ll not only network with new contacts and seal deals with valued collaborators but also (whisper it) catch a healthy break from family commitments.

However, unless you plan properly, unexpected flying hassles can conspire to smash this sought-after serenity to smithereens.

So with that in mind, here are four stress-free tips for Glasgow Airport business travellers.

  1. Parking

Cruising to the airport in your own car is often preferable to packed public transport. For starters, you don’t have to balance your luggage on your knees, then there are no unwanted intrusions in your personal space and you can crank up whichever Spotify playlist or radio station that helps you chill out.

But be sure to book Glasgow airport parking before you leave — their ample valet and park and ride options provide peace of mind at a bargain price and mean there’s no faffing around finding a secure spot when you arrive.

  • Food

Airline cuisine has improved over the years, but the choice and quality can still be inconsistent.

So you might want to sate your appetite before you leave with a meal that fills your stomach and tantalises your tastebuds.

There’s plenty to choose from, but Scotland & Sea is a premium pick — they serve everything from full Scottish breakfasts to sublime seafood dishes and nothing’s pre-packaged as all meals are freshly prepared by chefs throughout the day.

  • Lounge

Finding a quiet space to catch up on corporate emails, plan an elevator pitch and fine-tune your strategy for tricky negotiations is tricky in a clamorous airport concourse.

And that’s exactly why you’ll appreciate Glasgow’s UpperDeck Lounge so much — for a modest fee, you’ll enjoy bottomless soft drinks, free Wi-Fi, a bar service and comfy seating.

So all in all, it’s a business sanctuary a few steps from the hustle and bustle outside and worthwhile addition to your expenses.

  • Pampering

When you really want to ramp up the pre-flight relaxation, it’s time to treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, brow treatment or massage.

You’ll find all of the above and more while relaxing at AeroSpa Glasgow Airport. It’s located airside after security, but build in plenty of time for some pampering before you board so that you can feel the full benefits.

And don’t forget that a professional massage does more than calm the nerves — it can also help prevent harmful conditions like DVT.

Follow these four stress-free tips and start your next business trip from Glasgow Airport in laid-back, confident and focused form — exactly the way you want it to continue.