Brits will waste £100million in 2022 because they book airport parking too late

blog image John Doe | 07/19/2022

UK travellers can waste nearly £100 million by booking airport parking at the gate on the day of travel rather than in advance, a new study has revealed.

We have asked 1,000 recent UK airport travellers whether they bought their airport parking in advance or on the day. The majority - 61% - said they had booked in advance, while 33% said they didn't park at the airport.

Only 6% said they still paid on the day; a lot less than three years ago, when the survey was last run and nearly one in five holidaymakers said they planned to book their parking on the day.

Clearly the message that big savings can be made by booking in advance has got through to air travellers.


(In fact to give you a helping hand, we've rounded up the cheapest airport parking in the UK ).

Holiday Extras calculates that £100million is being wasted each year by on-the-day parking buyers, despite them making up a small percentage of the 17 million travellers parking at airports each year.

Hugo Loudon, chief financial officer of the company, said: “With the cost of living crisis in the news this holiday season, most of us are going to be watching the pennies when we go away. One of the easiest savings anyone can make is booking their airport parking in advance rather than driving up and paying the gate rate on the day.