A Comprehensive Guide for Effortless Airport Parking

blog image John Doe | 04/03/2024

Parking at the airport can be a stressful experience whether you’ve done it before or not. During these difficult times, travel may already be stressful enough for some passengers, so we are here to make getting to and from the airport that little bit easier.


What are the different kinds of parking? How do I know my car will be safe? When is the best time to book airport parking exactly?

So as we know a thing or two about airport parking, we’ve compiled this stress-free guide to parking at the airport.


1) Pick the Right Parking Option for You


Booking airport parking isn’t always as simple as it seems. One of the most important factors for getting a good deal is to make sure the car park you’re booking actually suits your needs.


Booking a car park which doesn’t suit your needs could end up making the start of your holiday way more stressful than it needs to be. If you’re on a tight budget the last thing you want is to pay extra just to be closer to the airport. Or if your travelling with a family and heavy luggage you might need a service that’s more convenient and allows you pull up right outside the terminal.


With this in mind, we’ve created a quick guide to each of the airport parking services we offer, as well as a quiz to help you decide which type of airport parking is best for you, so you can get your holiday off to the best possible start.


On-Airport Parking


On-airport parking is a car park which is located on airport grounds.

It’s usually a short walk to your terminal, so it famous for being quick, easy and convenient, and it represents a good middle ground in terms of price.

Good for: passengers with lots of luggage, those short on time, business travellers.


Meet & Greet Parking


Meet and greet parking is where you’re met at the terminal by a driver who then parks your car for you.


This makes is the best kind of parking if you want complete convenience, and not have to worry about finding a space yourself, parking or catching a transfer bus. However the price can reflect this.


Good for: business travellers, families, nervous drivers.


Read our complete guide to meet and greet parking.


Park & Ride


A park and ride service is one where you park off airport grounds and catch a shuttle bus directly to your terminal.


It adds a little time onto your parking experience, but transfer buses run regularly and its advantage lies with the low cost.


Good for: bargain hunters, nervous drivers, people who want a simple experience.


Read our complete guide to airport park and ride.


2) Book Early to Take Advantage of the Best Deals



Airport parking prices can vary between products and months, but generally the best advice is the earlier you book the better.


Prices do fluctuate and you’re likely to get a good deal in Januray or on Black Friday, for example, but as car parks fill up they begin to increase their prices as well. That’s supply and demand for you!


Extra tip: if you are booking far in advance, make sure your booking is cancellable/flexible in case your situation changes.


3) Make Sure Your Car Is in Safe Hands


The next of our airport parking tips concerns the security of your vehicle.


Make sure that the car park you book has a Park Mark award. Park Mark accreditation shows a car park must have taken measures to deter anti-social behaviour and criminal activity, and the site must have received expert consultation from development managers to help keep the security up to a high standard.


That way you won’t come back to an unpleasant and costly surprise.


4) Check the Estimated Transfer Time


The benefit of park and ride is usually a lower cost, but you will have to factor in extra travel time for the transfer.


All of our park and ride service display the average transfer time, but be aware that on peak period this could potentially go up, so please make sure you’re not cutting it too fine when you book.


Don’t leave too little time and miss your flight!


5) Avoid More Stress by Booking a Hotel With Parking



When you have an early flight, it’s a nightmare getting up at 3am to drive to the airport. We recommend getting an airport hotel with parking to save yourself a lot of stress.


When you’re so close to the airport, not only will you never miss a flight, but you’ll also have a relaxing sleep the night before your flight, and you’ll get to put your feet up a night early. Bliss!


And believe it or not, the price often works out just a few pounds more expensive than parking on its own!


How Price Comparison Sites Like Comparetheairportparking.com  Save You Money

Avoid booking directly with the car parks as they charge the full price or only offer small discounts. Comparison sites like Comparetheairportparking.com bulk buy spaces at negotiated rates then pass on these savings to the customer.


Instead of a small discount if a car park happens to have an offer on, we search the entire market and quote the best deals. With us, you’ll get between 50% to 70% off while getting the full choice of options.


Another advantage is that we’ve already done the legwork for you! We check hundreds of airport car parks and only promote the sites that we know are safe and secure.

Parking at the airport can often add an extra layer of stress to your travel plans, whether you're a seasoned traveler or it's your first time.


Especially during these challenging times, when travel itself can be stressful, we're here to make the process of getting to and from the airport as smooth as possible for you.


To help you navigate through the various parking options and ensure a stress-free start to your journey, we've put together this comprehensive guide to airport parking:


Choose the Right Parking Option:

Selecting the right parking option can significantly impact your overall experience. Whether you prioritize convenience, cost-effectiveness, or proximity to the terminal, there's a parking option to suit your needs.


  • On-Airport Parking: Conveniently located on airport grounds, offering quick access to the terminal. Ideal for passengers with heavy luggage or limited time.
  • Meet & Greet Parking: Ultimate convenience with a driver meeting you at the terminal, taking care of parking your car. Perfect for those seeking hassle-free parking.
  • Park & Ride: Off-airport parking with shuttle service to the terminal. A budget-friendly option suitable for all types of travelers.

Book Early for the Best Deals:

Booking your parking spot well in advance not only ensures availability but also allows you to secure the best prices. Prices tend to increase closer to the travel date, so booking early can save you money.


Ensure Your Car's Safety:

When choosing a parking facility, prioritize safety by selecting one with a Park Mark award. This accreditation ensures that the car park meets strict security standards, providing peace of mind while you're away.


Consider Transfer Times:

If you opt for park and ride services, factor in the transfer time to the terminal. While these services offer cost savings, it's essential to account for any additional travel time to avoid rushing before your flight.


Combine Parking with Hotel Stay:

For early morning flights, consider booking a hotel with parking to alleviate travel stress. Not only will you avoid the hassle of an early morning commute, but you'll also enjoy a relaxing stay before your journey.


Lastly, when it comes to booking airport parking, utilizing price comparison sites like Comparetheairportparking.com can save you money and time. By offering discounted rates and comprehensive options, these sites ensure you find the best deal without the hassle of searching multiple providers.


We hope this guide helps you navigate through the airport parking process with ease. Safe travels!