A Cost-Saving Comparison: Cheap Stansted Airport Parking vs. Alternatives

blog image John Doe | 08/02/2023

With over 35,000 parking spaces available at Stansted Airport, London's third-busiest airport, finding the right parking solution for your trip is crucial. Whether you're jetting off for a short getaway or embarking on an extended journey, navigating the array of options can be overwhelming. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the parking choices, comparing cheap Stansted Airport parking with alternative options, so you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and needs.


Official Parking Solutions


Stansted Airport provides an assortment of official parking options, designed to offer convenience and proximity to the terminal. While they may be slightly higher in cost, they come with added benefits:


1. Short Stay Parking


Perfect for trips spanning 1 or 2 days, Short Stay parking offers swift access to the terminal. Depending on the zone, you'll enjoy a mere 1 to 10-minute stroll to the terminal. This secure parking area is monitored around the clock by CCTV and staff patrols. You retain your keys, ensuring your vehicle awaits you upon your return.


2. Meet & Greet Parking


Simplify your travel experience with Stansted's Meet & Greet service. Bid farewell to the hassles of parking as you hand over your keys to a professional valet. Your car is securely parked in a well-lit area, complete with CCTV, fencing, and floodlights. This option is ideal for those with lots of luggage, families, or anyone seeking a seamless airport entry, with just a two-minute walk to the terminal.


3. Mid-Stay Parking


For trips up to 7 days, Mid Stay parking offers a convenient balance between cost and proximity. Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) streamlines your entry, and shuttle buses arrive every 10 minutes, delivering you to the terminal within 7 minutes. Your keys remain with you, and Park Mark certification ensures the security of your vehicle.


4. Long Stay Parking


Designed for journeys of 2 weeks or more, Long Stay parking is cost-effective and secure. ANPR technology simplifies entry and exit, and a shuttle bus takes you to the terminal in approximately 15 minutes. Buses run at 15-minute intervals, offering comfort and luggage space. While it involves a bit more time, Long Stay is a wallet-friendly option for Stansted departures.


Unofficial Parking Alternatives


Off-site parking options, provided by third-party operators, offer a more budget-friendly choice while maintaining security and convenience:


1. SMG Park & Ride


Located around a mile from the terminal, SMG Park & Ride ensures secure parking and a quick shuttle ride to the terminal entrance. They guarantee safety, making it a reliable off-site alternative.


2. Smart Park Stansted Park & Ride


This off-airport car park promises both vehicle security and a short travel time. Regular monitoring ensures peace of mind while you embark on your journey.


3. Stansted Meet & Greet


Meet & Greet Valet service takes parking stress out of the equation. A team of professionals parks your car in a secure area, monitored throughout your trip. Your vehicle awaits you upon your return, simplifying your journey home.


4. Park Meet & Greet


For a seamless and speedy experience, Park Meet & Greet offers a short trip to the terminal after you hand over your keys. It's particularly suitable for travelers with mobility concerns or those looking for an expedited check-in process.




Whether you opt for official parking solutions with their added convenience or explore cost-effective alternatives, your parking choice sets the tone for your journey. By comparing features, costs, and your individual needs, you can confidently select the parking option that suits your travel plans. From stress-free valet services to budget-friendly off-site lots, Stansted Airport offers a range of choices to enhance your travel experience. Bon voyage!