An Insider's Guide to London Heathrow Terminal 3

blog image John Doe | 10/20/2022

An Insider's Guide to London Heathrow Terminal 3 


Terminal 3 at Heathrow opened in 1961, originally as The Oceanic. It was later rebranded as Terminal 3 and includes the UK's first moving walkway. Terminal 3 is currently used by 20 airlines and approximately 19.5 million passengers a year. This terminal mainly operates long-haul flights though some to European destinations.


Heathrow terminal 3 Postcode :TW6 1QG


Check-In and Flight Arrivals are located on the ground floor, at the front of the building, while Flight Departures are located on the first floor above check-in. Travelers should give themselves extra time to arrive at the airport before their flight departs.

Check-In At Heathrow:

If you're traveling with a group or if you know someone who's a bit of an anxious traveler, make sure you don't add extra stress by not leaving enough time to make it to your flight! You should allow yourself the below amount of time in order to get checked-in, past security and have some spare time before your plane leaves. 


1-You need to check-in international flights:

Check in 3 hours prior to departure.


2-You need to check in domestic flights:

Check in 1.5 hour prior to departure.


3-You need to check in European flights:

Check in 2 hours prior to departure.

What is Self Service check-in?

Self-service check-in is an easy, safe and time-saving alternative to waiting in line to have your boarding pass verified. You can find self-service check-in at most airports: 


Terminal 3's kiosks are near the standard check-in desks. To be sure that you can use self-service check-in, contact your airline. Additionally, there are some airlines with apps which allow you to use the app and get your boarding pass too.

Arrivals At Heathrow Terminal 3:

Arrivals is located on the left at the north end of the building on the ground floor. Check Heathrow's Arrivals page for information on when flights are scheduled to arrive, any delays or cancellations, and which terminal travelers should use. International connections do not require going through Immigration or Customs but all international to domestic connections do. If you're traveling domestically to an international location, you can also connect through special immigration checkpoints if your baggage is checked through

What airlines fly from Heathrow Terminal 3?

Terminal 3 hosts all long-haul flights to the US, Asia and South America. Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, all flights are currently operating from Terminals 2 and 5.


  • LOT Polish Airlines                                  

  • Cathay Pacific

  • Delta Airlines

  • Emirates

  • Finnair

  • Hainan Airlines

  • Iberia Express

  •  American Airlines

  • MEA Middle East Airlines

  • Pakistan International Airlines

  • Philippine Airlines

  • Qantas

  • Royal Jordanian

  • Sri Lankan Airlines

  • Tianjin Airlines

  • Virgin Atlantic

  • Vueling

The information may change unexpectedly, so it's best to check and verify which terminal you need before you decide to book a flight.

A Information desk located at Heathrow's Terminal 3


There are six information points stationed throughout the Departure Lounge Concourse. You can find the Help Point at Baggage Reclaim, and an information point near Chauffeur Services in arrivals.


Meeting Points of Heathrow:

The meeting point is located near the Tourist Services, on the Ground Floor. It's in the Arrivals area, near all the seating and tourist information screens.

How much time does a transfer take between terminals?

Terminal 2: If you can't use the pedestrian underpass, follow signs to Terminal 2.You contact our special assistance desk for help.

It takes around 10 minutes to complete your trip.


Terminal 4: There are four shuttle buses that run between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.

Trip Duration: 20 minutes


Terminal 5: Heathrow Express train can be used  from Heathrow Central Station.

Trip Duration: 20 minutes


How do I travel for free between Heathrow Terminals?

Yes, if you collect a free terminal transfer ticket from a dedicated ticket machine in each Heathrow station and then tap in and out on the ticket barriers using Oyster or Contactless payment cards.

I want to know how to get to Heathrow Terminal 3 from London?


Heathrow Express runs from London Paddington station. The first stop is at Heathrow Terminal 3, so follow the airport signs (the train ride only takes 15 minutes) and allow extra time for walking once you get off the train.