How to avoid sky High drop-off charges at Heathrow Airport?

blog image John Doe | 11/25/2022


Costs for airport parking are increasing at a rapid pace, which can make traveling even more expensive. This year, drop-off charges at the UK's major airports have risen as energy prices have shot up. When you consider that other parking costs are on the rise as well, comparing the latest rates is more important than ever

Travelers at Heathrow, who fly to the airport by car, often face difficulties. There are very few public transportation options, especially early in the morning. This can be a real challenge when they have too many bags with them. Researching a simple trick at Heathrow airport will help you to drive (almost) to the airport and completely avoid the drop-off charge.

Drop-off Charges at Heathrow

Heathrow charges a £5 flat rate for dropping off car passengers in one of its four terminal drop-off zones. However, there is an alternative. Heathrow also offers free parking in long-stay car parks for 30 minutes per day with the introduction of the drop-off fee.

It can be difficult to find a free parking space at the airport, so once you do, head over to the shuttle bus stop. You'll catch the shuttle to departures and then you're within a few steps of arriving at your terminal. The only downside is that this service isn't available for taxis and private hire vehicles like Uber, so you might have to swallow the £5 drop-off fee within your fare.

Top tips to avoid stress and high drop-off charges:

  1. It's important to know what your airport’s parking lot has to offer. Visit the airport’s website to find out important information, like fees and payment options.

  2. To avoid the cost of extra fees when you drop-off, say your goodbyes and goodbye before you leave for the airport. This can keep your goodbyes short, which is much less expensive than having to say goodbye again once you arrive at the airport.

  3. Have your payment ready before you arrive. Many ride-sharing services require you to have your payment ready beforehand, whether that means paying with cash or as a debit or credit card, or programming the payment code into your phone.

  4. Taxi fares typically include a drop-off fee. If you're taking a taxi to the airport, make sure that it's included in your fare before you arrive!

  5. Drivers need to be aware that many airport forecourts have no stopping areas enforced by cameras and they could get fined if they try to drop passengers off without paying.