How to find cheap long stay parking at Heathrow?

blog image John Doe | 12/13/2022

Heathrow Airport has a long-stay parking lot if you need somewhere to park for a couple of days or more.

When you're looking to park at Heathrow, there's a lot more than just short-term parking. Simply book Long Stay parking for your trip or drive up to any Long Stay car park. When you arrive, simply present your registration and Booking Reference at the entry barrier, and they'll make a ticket with your registration and booking number. Once the barriers open, feel free to head to any available zone. You can request a pickup at any of the marked intersections on the map.



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  1. Use the "Get a parking quote" widget at the top of this page to save up to 50% on your parking.
  2. Just enter the date and time you want to arrive at Heathrow and when you will depart the airport.
  3. Other option is to arrive at the event on the day.

How much is Long Stay Parking?

We've filtered our search results to the best offerings - these are all the products you'll need. If you haven't tried a meet and greet service, it's highly recommended. Or, if not having your car towed is your number one priority, we have the best Park and Ride options out there.

This is the table of prices for Official Parking. Below are the best deals:


Express Meet and     Greet

   £11.71/ Day 

Express Park and      Ride T1,T2,T3,T4,T5

  £9.86/ Day

 Heathrow Park and      Ride T1,T2,T3,T4,T5

  £10.00/ Day 

 Heathrow Super       Saver Meet and Greet

  £11.71/ Day 

 Novotel Hotel Self       Park

  £8.00/ Day 

 Park Inn Heathrow

  £10.00/ Day 

 KWIK PARK Meet       and Greet

  £8.00 / Day 

 HPR Meet & Greet

  £11.43/ Day

 Heathrow Park and   Ride T4

  £8.00 / Day 

  Ibis Parking

  £8.00 / Day 

 Heathrow Hotel         Parking

  £10.00 / Day 

 Heathrow Park and     Fly Meet and Greet

  £15.00 / Day 

Heathrow Secure Meet and Greet

  £12.00 / Day 

 Premier Heathrow       meet and greet

  £11.71 / Day 

 Drive Park me         Express

  £11.71/ Day 

 Park Meet and Greet

  £12.00 / Day 

 Parking Box

  £11.71 / Day 

 Smart Meet & Greet

  £11.00 / Day 

 Rainbow Parking       Heathrow

  £12.00 / Day 

 Park Xpert

  £19.60 / Day 

 Heathrow Valet         Parking

  £10.97 / Day 

 Kangaroo Meet and     Greet Parking

  £10.00 / Day 

 Economy Meet and     Greet

  £12.00 / Day 


We Recommends:

Park & Ride

Want to save money on Heathrow parking? Check out a Park and Ride. They offer the cheapest prices year-round, along with easy-to-follow procedures and speedy transfers. You can find discounted spots at popular car parks such as Express Park and ride, Heathrow Park and ride, and Kwik Park and ride.

Meet & Greet

Heathrow is one of the most popular places in the UK where people park their cars. One option that Heathrow has is Meet and Greet parking, where you drop your car off near the terminal and a professional driver takes care of the rest for you. You'll have peace of mind knowing your car is safe with one of this service's trusted favorites such as official HPR Meet and Greet Parking, Kangaroo parking, and Heathrow Secure Meet and Greet.


Where can you pick up or be dropped off?

  • When you're picking up your car from the Long Stay car parks, simply get it, and you'll be able to leave it for up to 30 minutes free of charge. The barrier will automatically read your ticket or registration number when you exit.
  • If you have a blue badge, the first two hours of parking are free.
  • When you drop off, please go to the call point and give them your Blue Badge and Number.
  • To exit the building, please use the call point and give your driver your registration.
  • To pick-up your items, please wait at the exit call point and state your Blue Badge number and registration to the operator. Only valid for UK or EEA blue badge holders.
  • If you're driving a private hire vehicle or trade vehicle, you can only use the Long Stay car parks and Authorized Vehicle Area.

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