A Guide to Parking at Heathrow Terminal 5

blog image John Doe | 10/11/2022

Planning to travel from Heathrow terminal 5! You are on the right page. Here is a complete guide about  the parking options you can avail according to your needs and budget. 


Why should you book with us?


1-Cheap parking options for All:


Choose from the best range of parking and save upto 50% on all the parking options offered by different companies including Purple Parking and the best Meet & Greet parking from Maple Manor and MBW.


2-Give your vehicle in a safe hands:


We offer convenient and secure parking at all of our terminal 5 parking lots to give you peace of mind. Our official Heathrow car parks are all well lit and have 24/7 security. All car parks have spaces for wheelchair users, and there are also bays for blue badge holders. The security patrols have been increased to a regular schedule.


3-Flexible deals and  Free cancellations:


All our parking options are flexible and convenient. Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel up to 24 hours before your booked dropoff time. Also we are happy to keep your booking on hold for a year so you can reuse whenever you want. 


Heathrow Parking Options at Terminal 5


Long stay parking/Park and Ride at Terminal 5:


These are the only parking operators serving terminal 5, we can trust that they offer the best park and ride service, so you can book without worrying about any problems arising during parking, and have more time to focus on your journey.


1-Ibis Hotel Parking Heathrow T5

2-Heathrow Park and Ride T5

3-Blue Circle Parking T5

4-Kangaroo Parking T5

5- Novotel Parking T5

6- Express T5 Parking

7- Rainbow Parking T5

8- Kwik Parking T5



How are these the finest?


Given that Heathrow Park and Ride T5 is both inexpensive and convenient, it's not surprising that it's a popular option among our customers. You don't need to stress about long and complicated procedures - when you get there, your car's license plate will be automatically registered by the number plate recognition system, and then you can just pick any spot and park. Every 10 minutes a transfer bus leaves and takes the passengers to the airport terminal in just 5minutes.


Blue Circle parking t5 option is also highly reviewed by our customers. The process is easy and convenient; when you arrive, simply drive to the reception area, get your bags, and leave. The purple parking team offers a parking service in a fully secured, park mark awarded car park. To get to terminal 5 from the car park, simply take the free transfer bus. The ride will take less than 10 minutes. When you're ready to leave, simply hop on the transfer bus back to the car park. Your car will be waiting for you in a collection bay, so you can get home quickly and easily.


If you're looking for a good budget option for parking, you should check out Ibis hotel. They offer a great service that's affordable and hassle-free, and you get to keep your keys. It's also close to the terminal. The fastest way to get to Terminal 5 is by taxi, which will take 10-15 minutes and cost approximately £10-£15.


Kwik Park is a great T5 car park that can help you with all your parking needs to keep things running smoothly. To catch the free minibus to check-in, all you need to do is transfer to and from the terminal, which will take 15-20 minutes.


Short Stay Parking at Terminal 5:


We recommend staying at Sofitel Short Stay for the ultimate convenience. Your car will be safely stored underground in Sofitel Hotels secured car park on the airport grounds. Postcode is TW6 2GD (sat nav). There is no need to worry about taking a bus to transfer to Terminal 5 at the airport as it is only a 4 minutes walk through a covered walkway.


Meet and Greet at Terminal 5:


There is no need to search for a parking spot or to take a bus to get to your destination with this type of package. Instead of parking your car at terminal 5, you can drop it off at the short stay car park and have a professional driver take care of all the parking arrangements while your car is being parked in a secure facility nearby, all you need to do is stroll to check-in. To retrieve your car after your travels, go to the short stay car park and leave without any hassle. You couldn't ask for a more convenient, cheap, and fast option.


Our best Meet and Greet recommendations Terminal 5 Car Parking 

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