Think before your book Heathrow Meet and Greet Parking

blog image John Doe | 07/18/2017

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Finding Last minute airport parking at London Heathrow Airport is very difficult for every traveler. It becomes very stressful for the passengers to wander all around the airport on the day for searching for a safe parking space. The passengers who park on roads near the airport can suffer damages and theft issues. You can find a lot of private companies that offer parking services at the Heathrow airport. They will park your car in an secure car park or in a multi storey car park,they promise to park your vehicle at a safe and secure compound. You don’t have to be afraid of choosing a private company to park your car. You just have to plan well and make all the arrangements in advance.

For the safety of your car, keep two things in your mind while booking a parking company:

• Search for a reliable parking source
• Investigate about the security measure in the compound


Finding a trustworthy parking source:

Finding a reliable parking source is not as hard as everyone think. Ask from your family and friends who travel frequently.

Search online and check the past experiences of the customers by reading their reviews about the company with whom you want to book valet parking Heathrow service. A reliable parking source provides you a well-trained and professional chauffeur who is responsible for taking care of your car. He will park your car in a compound close to the airport. 


What you should know about the compounds’ security?

This is an important point as many parking service providers promise to park your vehicle in a safe and secure compound, but actually they don’t have any sheltered parking lots. So you should enquire about the security. 

Ask the company about the security measures to ensure the safety of your car. The company should have CCTVs, proper fencing around the compound and security guards to guarantee the safety of your vehicle in your absence.

You don’t have to get confused about a parking service while planning your trip. Follow these guidelines and smartly handle the arrangements for a comfortable journey.